CAIRB Overview

Welcome to CAIRB overview

Welcome to the CAIRB, at Tavistock Primary and Nursery School we are committed to inclusion. The Communication and Interaction Resource Base (CAIRB) is part of the mainstream school and has places for up to eight pupils with communication and interaction difficulties. We aim to make our children feel accepted, safe, valued and included as part of the whole school community. The CAIRB has one teacher and a team of highly skilled teaching assistants.  Children are taught in mainstream classes supported by a specialist teaching assistant in addition to time spent in the CAIRB (also known as Rainbow Base).  If appropriate, a child will use an individual work station, aimed at minimising their distractions and allowing them to focus on set tasks. There are always concrete and visual components to the children’s learning, where tasks are clearly ‘scaffolded’ to develop independent skills. The children are also explicitly taught social skills and the “learning to learn “skills that they can then apply in their mainstream classroom. The CAIRB provides a low sensory environment and encourages the children to take regular sensory breaks.

We work closely with the Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and the Communication and Interaction Team.

 We also provide Outreach Support to schools in the Tavistock Learning Community. What we provide:

• Curriculum:-  We aim to tailor the curriculum to each child’s individual needs. We offer a multi-sensory approach to learning and provide a diverse range of practical activities. Each child has an Individualised Provision Map (IPM) to monitor and track their progress and review targets.

 • Communication:-  We believe in close home/school links as your child progresses through the school, through the use of a daily diary, whilst we encourage each child to share some of their school experiences with parents.

 • Social skills:-  We teach social skills in small groups. The children have a daily social snack time. Personal, social and emotional targets are set and monitored termly using the Progression Framework.

 • Mainstream:-  All children are part of a mainstream class and their access is carefully monitored and managed.

• Enhanced transition:-  All children have visual aids and extra visits to aid transition from preschool, between classes and onto secondary school.

• Behaviour management:-   We use a variety of positive motivators to encourage children to complete activities including: individualised stickers, merit marks and house points.  Children have Individual Behaviour Plans to ensure a consistent behaviour approach across a variety of school settings.