Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) 2021/2022

Nursery Picnic in the Sunshine
We are very fortunate to have such a lovely outside space for our Nursery children. There is plenty of shade and this week we took full advantage and had a picnic outside.

Pop Up Play Visit to Nursery

We had a really fantastic visit from Pop Up Play Village in our Nursery last week. The children were vets, construction workers and explorers among other things.

A big thank you to them!

Tavistock Library Visit
The Nursery children have been lucky enough to have a visit from Cherry who works at Tavistock Library. 
Cherry read 3 stories to the children, told us about how we can visit the library in Tavistock as well as how we can sign up to get a library card and borrow some books to take home.
Cherry read a very funny story about a crocodile and the children really enjoyed the story ' The Runaway Pea'.
Cherry gave each child a 'Bear's Reading Adventure' book, so they can start collecting stickers when they visit the Library. Once you collect all ten stickers, you will receive a certificate. Any child can collect a 'Bear's reading Adventure' from the library.
Baby and Toddler Group
This week the Toddler and Baby group made its grand return.
The theme was 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' All the children who attended had a wonderful time with Playdoh, teddies, painting and snacks!
Baby and Toddler Group
A mouse took a stroll through a deep dark wood...and found Tavistock Primary and Nursery School Baby and Toddler Group! Mrs Jones and the children had a lovely session with some fantastic Gruffalo themed activities.

Baby and Toddler Group

Another fantastic session at our Baby and Toddler group this week with Mrs Jones.

The children painted fireworks, explored sensory playdoh, drew fireworks with chalk and played with glitter!


Dartmoor Rescue
The Reception children had a very informative visit from Dartmoor Rescue...Mrs Wake even got 'rescued'! They found out what kit is carried in the van and bags, tips on staying safe on the moors and information about how the rescue process takes place.