Year 1 Overview

Welcome to Year 1


Teaching and learning in year one centres on the children and their interests ensuring all aspects of the curriculum are experienced in an engaging way.

Play, investigation and group work is central to our classroom practice.

The day begins with a range of activities focusing on writing or reading. Activities are set up that develop gross and fine motor skills and handwriting.

Other activities develop a real love of reading across a range of genres.

Children are challenged and their successes are celebrated in assemblies.

We welcome parental support in the classroom and feel very privileged to be able to work with children at such an exciting and magical time in their lives.


This half term in year 1, we have been very busy learning about ourselves and our senses.

We have been learning and performing poetry; exploring objects with our senses and retelling the story of funny bones!

The children have been creating their own self portraits using different materials.

We have really enjoyed our learning in year 1 so far!