Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) 2021/2022

Jubilee Art
Wow, how great are our Reception children? They have been busy creating these royal portraits in time for the Jubilee celebrations.
Year 2 Garden Day
Year 2 made the most of the sunshine on Garden day and went for a walk on the canal. Whilst there they collected some things to create a collaborative piece of artwork back on the playground. They then created junk art making some summer plants and animals.
Year 2 Habitats
Year 2 have just started to learn about habitats. We took a walk to our closest habitat, the environmental garden, to have a look for the creatures who may live there.
Have a look to see what we found.
Year 2 Cricket
Tap! Tap! Step! WHOMP!!
Year 2 certainly whomped the ball far this week in their Cricket session with YCC. They practiced fielding, catching and hitting the ball.
Year 2 Art
In Art year 2 have been looking at the work of William Morris. Last week they tried their hand at printing; all children enjoyed seeing their print come to life and could really get the feel of the artist's style.
Year 2 Shopping and Baking
On Friday Year 2 walked to Morrisons. In DT, the children are learning all about foot preparations and hygiene when cooking. Each group of children had to navigate the isles and get the ingredients they needed to bake custard biscuits. Once back in school, the children were able to put their skills into practice and make (and of course taste) their biscuits!
Year 1 Ball Skills
Balls or stinky cheese? Year 1 children had a lot of fun with Chris developing their balls skills. They played cat and mouse using the balls as pieces of cheese and developed throwing skills and accuracy. We are really looking forward to next week when we have a second session with Chris.
Science - Irreversible Changes
In Science, Year 2 have been exploring reversible and irreversible changes. To see these changes in action, they mixed together the ingredients for a delicious chocolate cake and made ice cubes.
Djembe Drums
Year 2 are learning to play the Djembe drums in Music this month. Today they focused on rhythm and feeling the pulse of the music.
Music Workshop
Year 1 and 2 took part in a music workshop this week. The children used actions and their voices to feel the rhythm of the music and enjoyed learning new songs.
Year 2 Temperature Experiment
Year 2 have carried out an experiment to see which material is the best at keeping water hot. The children made predictions and recorded the temperature of the water every 5 minutes to ensure a fair test.
Oliver from Year 1 has been doing his bit to help the community. He has found items, paid for them and then donated them to the local food bank all by himself. We are very proud of such a compassionate gesture from Oliver. Well done!
Wow, aren't our KS1 children talented? They have worked really hard over the course of 4 weeks and learnt 3 notes.
Christmas Tree Festival
Our entry for the Christmas Tree Festival this year looks great...even if we do say so ourselves!
And...we came second! Well done to our very talented children.
Year 2 at Dartmoor Zoo
This week Year 2 were lucky enough to visit Dartmoor Zoo. The rain held off for the most part and the children had a lovely day. They learnt that if they were very quiet and patient the animals would be brave enough to come close which resulted in some fantastic views of the big cats.
The children were very impressed at some big lizards who were shedding their skin and enjoyed the noisy otters having a swim.
Hello Autumn!
Last week the Year 2 children had a fantastic Garden Day! They explored the environment, built dens, found treasure, built towers out of sticks and made some artwork inspired by the Autumnal colours.
Charlotte Year 2
You may remember our children working with parent Tracy Harding to create their wonderful 'Better Together' song?
Charlotte in Year 2 enjoyed listening to the song so much that she spent some time over the Summer Holidays writing out the lyrics and framing them with beautifully drawn illustrations so she wouldn't forget them.
Fantastic work Charlotte!