Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) 2019/20

Year 3 children enjoyed the morning with Mr Lane at Tavistock Colllege working on a computer program called 'Scratch'. The children used the program to design and make a cat and mouse game.
Year 4 really enjoyed their morning of dance held at Tavistock College last week, The video shows the children learning some country dancing.
Year 4 have had a fantastic garden day in the sun last week completing a rotation of activities. They learnt how to safely light a fire using strikes, observed spring nature at the park and discovered how to create a square knot which they used to make a survival bracelet. In the afternoon the children also painted animals on pebbles and carried out an orienteering activity.
Year 3 children had a wonderful 'Garden' day. The theme for the day was 'secret messages' The children had to write in Ogham writing which is linked to our class book, 'Podkin One Ear' We also had hidden messages placed around the environment garden. It was a very enjoyable and muddy day.
Year 4 have been learning about the Maya civilization. This afternoon they tasted and enjoyed some Maya hot chocolate, however, it had a bit of a spicy twist! 
Year 4 held their Science Fair this week. Some children carried out experiments at home linked to states of matter and presented these to the class. Thank you parents for all your help!
Year 4 visited the year 3 classes today, where they performed their 'Magic Box' poems. Year 3 gave them some fantastic feedback and Year 4 enjoyed sharing their learning with another year group.
Year 4 sent some time yesterday talking about the general election, the parties involved and what they had to offer. 
Following this, they visited the polling station to choose a party who they supported.
During the past two weeks Year 3 children have welcomed representatives from Warburtons into their classes. The children have learnt about healthy eating and they were also able to make a healthy sandwich to take home.
Year 4 took part in their second Garden Day. Over the course of the day the children carried out team building activities, made cardboard lanterns, created symmetrical leaf drawings and worked in groups to complete an orienteering course. Despite the wet weather, a fun time was had by all.
Year 5 had a fascinating time visiting the Tavistock College Science Department, they experienced a range of new science experiments.

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their 'Garden Day' last week, exploring the environment and being creative.

Year 3 enjoyed a walk around Tavistock with a volunteer from the Tavstock Heritage Trust who showed them all the buildings that the Russell family built in the 1500s. This was part of their history learning.
Year 5 enjoyed a planetarium experience on Friday, enhancing their learning about the solar system.

Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful day out at Wildwood Escot last week. This trip was arranged to support their learning about life in Anglo Saxon times.

Year 3 had a great day out at Paignton Zoo last week.  This trip was part of their science topic work looking at skeletons of animals.
Classes 8 and 9 had great fun at the recent Year 3 Multi-Skills Festival, learning new sports and completing challenges.
Children and staff are thoroughly enjoying our newly introduced 'Garden Days', this is a sample of the Year 3, Autumn Term focus, discoveries and creativity.
This afternoon Year 4 carried out an electrical investigation. They had to discover how to create a simple circuit using a variety of components.

Year 3 went up to the Pimple last week to support their English lessons. They were working on generating vocabulary for their poems. They used the five senses to generate a range of adjectives to describe the nouns they saw, heard, smelt, felt and tasted.

Year 4 pupils spent the morning on Dartmoor sketching landscapes. They focused on perspective and depth.
Pupils in Year 6 have been learning how to create animated film during their computer club sessions.  Please click below to see a sample of their work.