Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) 2020/21

Children in Year 4 were so grateful to Helen France (Community Champion at Morrsions Tavistock) for their eggcellent surprise! Each child received an easter egg for taking part in the Pen Pal Project. This gave them an opportunity to write letters to people who have been alone and isolating since the March lockdown last year and the response towards this has been overwhelmingly positive. 
Y6 spent a day learning all about one of Shakespeare's most infamous plays, 'Macbeth'. We learnt the story and then took turns in acting out Act1 Scene 1 with the three witches. We also found out about William Shakespeare himself and what going to the theatre used to be like.
Year 4 had a lovely garden day on Today. Pupils toasted marshmallows and had hot chocolate by the fire, created symmetrical designs using natural resources and explored non newtonian fluid. All of these activities were linked to our foundation subjects including history and science which helped to develop our understanding of the Year 4 curriculum.
Children in year 4 have been thinking about what they are grateful for and what gives them joy. To celebrate this they have created a class display which will be an on going project leading up to Christmas. They started this on Thanksgiving day in America, a holiday that they have also discussed in class.
Year 6 had a lovely garden day focusing on the 'Green Man'. They carried out a range of activities such as a scavenger hunt; a trip to the park to collect leaves to build a collaborative Green Man piece on the field; Green Man poetry which is hung in the environmental garden and clay faces sculpted on the trees.

Year 3 had a wonderful day during their Garden Day last week. They completed an Autumn scavenger hunt whilst in the Meadows and completed leaf rubbings and leaf art from the leaves that were collected. Then to finish the day they built dens and had hot chocolate.
Year 6 enjoyed the Autumnal sunshine yesterday during their garden day. After gathering a list of sounds along with the sights of Autumn in the park, they created a collaborative piece on the playground. The afternoon was spent enjoying a range of team building activities.
Year 5 enjoyed a week of Bikeability lessons, it was great to see those children unable to ride a bike learn so quickly and for those already able to ride, learn how to ride safely on the road.
Year 5 and 6 managed to avoid the rain this afternoon and were able to carry out their cross-country event. All of the children participated with great enthusiasm running a total of 1.5 miles each! Well done to all of the children for clapping and supporting their peers.
Year 3 Garden Day adventures!
Year 6 created Christmas jellyfish this morning. They used their stitching skills to ensure the jellyfish were correctly held together. 
Everyone did extremely well with such a fiddly task! 
As part of their science work children in Year 4 held a science fair this week. This gave pupils the chance to bring in experiments from home to highlight their understanding of solids, liquids and gases. The experiments ranged from different resources to different mediums and we all learned a lot. Well done Year 4!