Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) 2021/2022

Year 5 Mosaic Project
While some of the Year 5's are in London, the remaining children have been working on a mosaic project in school with local artist Andy Cairns. This afternoon the children worked with Andy to create these beautiful sunflowers inspired by Van Gogh's paintings. These will be part of a collaborative piece of work that will be displayed by our pond area in the coming weeks.
Evelyn's Fundraising Chop
Evelyn is having her hair cut for charity to raise money for the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis fund and will also be donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust. She will be supporting two charities with one very kind gesture

Tag Rugby

This week some of our children took part in a Tag Rugby competition. We won 6 out of 9 games!

We finished 2nd in our pool but were top try scorers so went into the top level cup competition - there was a 2nd level shield and 3rd level plate competition so we did well to get into that.

In the cup we finished 3rd overall so top 3 out of 14 teams. We also scored more tries than anyone else. Isaac in Class 15 scored 12 of those tries. But of course, all the players contributed to every try scored. It was an excellent team effort! 

Mr Morgan is especially pleased as some of the players hadn't played rugby before, so deserve an extra big well done!

Dartmoor Residential

Our Year 4 children spent two nights at Pixies Holt in Dartmoor and took in everything the moors has to offer.

They went out on night walks (where better to see the stars?), did some weaselling, had lunch with a spectacular view and much much more.

The children were on their best behaviour for the whole trip and Miss Bullock and Mrs Lake are really proud of them all.

Our children spent Tuesday morning in the beautiful sunshine at Mount Kelly Astro Turf for a Quicksticks hockey tournament. The team played with great team spirit and enjoyed the chance to try out a new sport.
Year 6 have been busy!
For Garden Day, a theme of weaving ran through ( no pun intended) the Year 6 Garden days this week. The children made natural weaving frames and learnt how to lash and tie reef knots. We foraged for natural materials to weave with which meant getting out and about in the sunshine. In the afternoon, we all contributed to 'The Big Weave' which you can see in the environmental garden.
In science, we have been learning about atoms, electrons and electrical charge. We have been building circuits. We learnt about the difference between series and parallel circuits and had some fun making motors spin a propeller.
Year 3 Visitor
Year 3 have had a visitor called Rania Amin Osman who spoke to the children about Islam and being a Muslim. She talked about the 5 Pillars of Islam and shared with the class how she prayed, what Ramadan was like and why she wore a hijab amongst other things.
The children asked so many questions that the sessions were too short! Comments from the children included 'I think Rania was very nice, informative and lovely' and 'she knew everything'. Rania also said she was impressed with how much the children knew already.

Youth Mental Health Workshop

Class 14 had a workshop with the ‘Youth Mental Health Foundation’ on Wednesday morning. Presenters were a father and daughter duo and the daughter had ADHD and dyslexia. They came in and talked about the idea that everyone has different ‘geniuses’ and that they were all different with different talents. Children completed a short quiz and then were told what their particular genius was—


  •  Dynamo—creative (Albert Einstein and Richard Branson are in this category)
  •  Blaze—great with people/leaders (Barak Obama and Oprah are in this category)
  •  Tempo—calm and thoughtful (Nelson Mandela and Gandhi are in this category)
  •  Steel—great with systems and processes like maths and computing (Jeff Bezoz and Mark Zukerberg are in this category)


Most of the children were able to guess what their genius might have been based on who else was in their group which was great to see. Children were then encouraged to think about their interests and reduced these down to one single interest that was their favourite. They took this interest and created a poster of what their dream future might look like based around this interest.


Guinea Pigs

Class 6 enjoyed a little visit from two of the guinea pigs today. They talked about how to care for pets and everyone enjoyed a cuddle.


KS2 Relays

Every KS2 child took part in mixed relays on Tuesday this week. All children tried their best and the winning teams all got a medal. Well done to everyone for your effort and enthusiasm. 


Year 6 Science
In science we have been proving that light travels in straight lines. In our next lesson we will prove that white light is actually made up of colours. 
This was our first lesson in a sequence of learning based around printing. We experimented with the marks that different everyday objects could make. We are going to progress onto mono printing , using the work of Elizabeth Catlett as inspiration.
Year 5 Geography
As part of the geography curriculum, Year 5 have been learning how contour lines are used to show changes in the elevation of land. As well as playing some orienteering games, they had great fun on their garden day last week, using contour lines to build mountains and add features from the surrounding natural environment. The resulting mountain range looked amazing!
Kents Cavern
Our young scientists in Year 3 went on a trip to Kents Cavern this week.
They saw prehistoric cave systems with interesting natural rock formations and learnt all about how ancient humans lived, sheltered from extreme weather, made fires, shaped tools and hunted prehistoric Ice Age Animals.
Anti Bullying Week
On Anti Bullying week, class 11 had a really special idea.
This is their important message...
Year 4 Garden Day
Despite the drizzle, Year 4 had a fantastic garden day. We took part in team building, den building, pumpkin stamping and even listened to some ghost stories with a cup of hot chocolate.

Girls Football Tournament

The girls have done really well this week at their football tournament at Gulworthy.

The girls competed really well and came third. They were superb ambassadors for their school, their level of competitiveness and sportsmanship was outstanding. The girls did the school proud!


Multi Skills Sports Day

The Year 3 Children have visited St Peters Junior School for their annual Multi Skills Sports Day.

They had a really lovely time and enjoyed running, badminton, throwing & catching, basketball, football and fencing.

Year 5 have been doing 'Bikability' this week. They have really enjoyed themselves and are fantastic cyclists!
This week Year 5 had a visit from the Planetarium. The children were very inquisitive and a lot of fun was had.
The Jabberwocky
Y6 have been studying 'The Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll as one of their Books for Life. We have learnt and remembered the poem and then written our own version - the best part was designing and making our very own Beasties!
Year 5 Clarinet Lessons
Our Year 5 children loved their clarinet lesson this week. They put in a lot of effort and have made excellent progress!