Lead Governors' Meeting Minutes

Lead Governors
Our structure of lead governors enables individual governors to take a particular area of the school as their key focus.  Lead governors will monitor an identified target on the School Improvement Plan or a statutory function of the governing body and report regularly to the governing board.

All Lead Governors will:

  • meet with the lead professional within the school to gain an understanding of the scope of the target and the activities the school is conducting to achieve success
  • ensure that they have sufficient knowledge and skills or undertake any necessary training (in or out of school) to enable effective monitoring of the areas/subject
  • monitor the progress of school activities towards the target or duty

Each lead governor will provide a brief report at Lead Governor Meetings.


Minutes from Lead Governors Meetings
Copies of Lead Governing Board minutes will be published once approved.  
All our meetings are open to the public, so please feel free to join us.  We only ask that you contact the school in advance if you wish to attend.