Ofsted, Data, Prospectus & Funding Information

2017 KS2 Test Results and Progress (all year 6 pupils)

Percentage of children reaching expected standard or above:
Reading    61%    Reading at higher level 20%
Maths      73%   Maths at higher level 20%
Writing    59%   Writing at higher level 17% (Teacher Assessment)
Grammar Punctuation & Spelling 73%
Average progress:
Reading     -0.3
Writing     -0.4
Maths       +0.7
2017 KS1 Test Results and Progress (all year 2 pupils)
Percentage of children reaching expected standard or above:
Reading 90%    Reading at higher level 33%
Writing 71%    Writing a higher level 17%
Maths   83%    Maths at higher level 29%
Science 100%
2017 Year 1 Phonics Screening
Working at the required standard 90%
Parental Views
We appreciate and encourage honest feedback from our parents as this helps us to further improve our work.  If you would like to provide feedback please use the link below.
The link below will also provide a summary of feedback previously provided.
Pupil Premium Funding
The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers.
It is provided for every child who has been registered as either eligible for free school meals, has a parent in the armed forces or for a child who has been adopted.
The funding received is based on:
£1900 for a child in care
£1320 for a child eligible for free school meals
£300  for a child with a parent in the armed forces.
Barriers to Learning
Research suggests that pupil premium children can face some barriers to their learning, these can include:
  • Limited vocabulary on entry to school
  • Limited support with school work at home
  • Limited cultural opportunities and experiences
  • Limited contact with role models who are high achieving and/or a knowledge of how to get there
  • For some children there can also be emotional challenges especially for services children or children in care
How we will support learning and measure impact
Every child's progress and attainment is continually monitored by class teachers.  
The headteacher or deputy headteacher meet with year group teachers every term (Class Progress Meetings, CPM's) to assess children's progress and to discuss required intervention plans which may support children who are either falling behind or who are ready to be further challenged to exceed their expected target.
The Senior Leadership Team meet termly after the CPM's to discuss and plan any required intervention programs and resources.
The Governors take a strategic overview of this assessment cycle and have appointed a lead Governor to oversee the monitoring of the Pupil Premium funding.
The impact of the Pupil Premium funding is measured through a child's progress whilst attending Tavistock Primary & Nursery School and also how the school is closing the attainment gap between those children entitled to this extra funding and those children who are not entitled.
Governors review Pupil Premium spending in the Autumn Term, the next review will take place in the Autumn Term 2018.
Please click on the links below for more detailed information on how we use our annual Pupil Premium Funding.

Outcomes for Pupil Premium Children 

2017 KS2 outcomes:


13/25 = 52% reading

13/25 = 52% writing

17/25 = 68% maths


20/23 = 87% reading

25/25 = 100% writing

23/24 = 96% maths

2017 KS1 outcomes:


12/16 = 75% reading

11/16 = 69% writing

15/16 = 94% maths


14/16 = 88% reading

12/16 = 75% writing

14/16 = 88% maths
PE & Sports Funding
For the academic year from September 2017-July 2018 the school will receive £19,610.  Please see the file below for details of how we intend to use this funding.