Whole School Events 2020/21

Children went all yellow and spotty today for Children in Need.  The school has raised approximately £350 for this worthwhile cause.
Every class enjoyed a wonderful performance from the Theatre Alibi this week...Ask you child about Janet!
An astronaut, Janet, has been working up in a space station for a while and is finding it really hard going. She’s been cooped up with the same few people for so long, there’s terrible communication with home, an unnerving sense of what is ‘out there’ and she’s had enough of the tiring health and safety routines. She just needs to get away for a short time – she’ll feel better if she has a few hours back home with her children.
So she goes AWOL! She nicks a space pod and plots her course for home, but all does not go according to plan and she finds herself having landed in the playground of Tavistock Primary & Nursery School!