Year 6 Events 2017/18

16th July 2018
Congratulations to Alanna Hopkins and Malachi Isaacs who were our school winners of the Tavistock Lions peace poster competition.   Malachi Isaacs was also the overall KS2 winner of the competition.  The school also won the Inter Schools Shield.


16th July 2018
It seems that Andrei in Year 6 had the luck of the Irish on his side as he was the winner of the class sweepstake, winning some lucky Irish socks as his team (France) won the World Cup  on the weekend. 
25th June to 29th June
Last week, Year 6 had an excellent week away in the beautiful sunshine in Porthpean, Cornwall. They got up to a number of activities such as high ropes, cycling, problem solving, archery, canoeing, surfing and sailing.
8th June 2018

Year 5 and 6 took part in 'The Peace Project' last Friday. They were looking at the Holocaust and the effect of words on people's attitudes to others including racial discrimination and racial abuse. Some children read out chilling accounts of Jewish children's experiences during the war and felt what it was like to wear the 'Star of David'. 

The Year 5's wrote postcards to a Jewish survivor of the 'Kindertransport' scheme which saved thousands of Jewish children by bringing them to England to live with families here. They had to decide what to take in a small suitcase! 

The Year 6's were visited by Judith Beckman from the Plymouth Centre for Faiths and Cultural Diversity and had an interesting and lively talk about the impact the Holocaust had on the Jewish race. 

In the afternoon we investigated how the power of words can be changed to be a force for good. The pupils made fantastic dove pictures with meaningful slogans. They are the next generation to be the witnesses and to 'be the change you want to see in the world'.

7th June 2018
Class 14 are working hard on a recycled bottle top display based on our beautiful surroundings and local area. 

We desperately need varying shades of green bottle tops to complete it, all shapes and sizes. If you collect any, please give to Mrs Beckett or Miss Scott
3rd May 2018
Class 14 had a well earned rest from SATs practice this afternoon and did some research on the laptops. They researched people in power and how they have had an impact on our society today.
19th March 2018
In Year 6, we have been learning how our life is different to a child in Africa. Mr Mpofu came to speak to us about growing up in Zimbabwe and brought along some interesting pieces from Africa for us to have a look at. Can you guess who is beneath the masks?'
14th March 2018
'In year 6 this morning, we have been producing relief prints. We have produced some beautiful botanical pieces to be displayed in our classrooms.'
2nd February 2018
Year 6 would like to thank Mr Stephens for coming in to speak to them this morning about electricity.
29th January 2018
An afternoon of swirls, spirals and sequins for Year 6 today as we have been making our Gustav Kilmt inspired pieces.
24th January 2018
There's no hiding from Year 6! We can look around corners with the help of our periscopes that we made today in Science.
17th January 2018
Year 6 spent the afternoon investigating which objects allowed light to pass through them and exploring how light travels in straight lines. Of course we had time for a bit of fun too, making spooky faces.
10 January 2018
In Science we are learning about electricity. This afternoon we had lots of fun creating series circuits, lighting bulbs and sounding buzzers.
11th December 2017
Year 6 had a visit from Mrs Hamlyn-Chen this afternoon. She spoke to us about how China has changed over the last 30 years and what exciting plans China has for the future.
29th November 2017
Yesterday afternoon, Year 6 had a visit from local historian Andrew Thompson. He spoke about how World War 1 and World War 2 affected us locally in Tavistock. 
We found out lots of interesting facts such as in WW2 evacuee children were sent to our town and in WW1, over 700 men from Tavistock were made to sign up to fight.
28th November 2017
This morning Year 6 were feeling brave. They decided to teach each other how to work out calculations when there is a missing digit.
24th November 2017
'Year 6 have worked really hard this year to learn a new method of division - chunking. They have all had great resilience and determination to achieve their best.'
6th November 2017
As part of our new English sequence, Year 6 have been learning and remembering short passages. The sequence will cover collective nouns and animal facts. 
19th October 2017
Year 6 visited Plymouth this week. We spent time contemplating the impact of World War 1 on the locality by visiting 'The Wave' exhibition of poppies on Plymouth Hoe. We also visited the 'Plymouth in the Blitz' exhibition where the children had the experience of dressing up and sitting in an air raid shelter.
17th October 2017
This week Class 14 have been bringing their knowledge of Alexander Calder's mobile sculptures to life. Our sculptures have a mobile element and were designed, made (and tested) by each child.
10th October 2017
Year 6 had a FANTASTIC morning in the Science labs at Tavistock College. We were lucky enough to see a 'pluck dissection'. This links in with our current science topic as we have been learning all about the human body.
20th September 2017
Year 6 have had a fantastic morning at Junior Life Skills. They have been learning how to keep safe in a variety of situations including at the beach, in the park and in the home.