Year 3

College Science Trip
The Year 3 children went to the college for a science workshop about magnets. They experienced a carousel of activities and learnt lots of information which they later shared with their parents at a workshop in class. 
Spring Garden Day
The Year 3 children had fun making salt geodes, egg carton flowers and paper ladybirds during their recent Garden Day.

Autumn Garden Day

Year 3 had a great time on their recent garden day! In the morning, the children began with team building activities which included: hoop around the circle, crossing river stepping stones and rolling a ball along the pipe.

After playtime, we went into the environmental garden and collected lots of sticks. We then made skeletons on the playground and labelled the bones using our science learning from the term.  

After lunch, we made Christmas tree decorations for our school tree which will be entered into the tree festival at St Eustatius in December.  

At the end of the day, we got to try out the new climbing equipment which has been installed in our environmental garden.

Aquarium residential
Year 3 had an exciting sleep over with the sharks at Plymouth Marine Aquarium. They watched a big screen movie in front of the Eddystone Reef tank and had a wonderful time viewing all the marine life exhibits, as the only visitors in the Aquarium!
Kents Cavern
To link with their current Science, Geography and English work, the Year 3 children visited Kents Cavern for a school trip. They had a fantastic time exploring the prehistoric caves, learning about rock types, examining artefacts and finding out all about the history of the caves. 
Project Homework
Over the Autumn half term, the Year 3 children were set project homework linked to their upcoming learning within History, Science, D.T, English or Maths. The children produced a range of fantastic pieces of work and to celebrate this, parents and carers were invited in to showcase the wonderful learning that children carried out.