Writing at Tavistock Primary and Nursery School

We believe that writing is a key tool for communication. All children at Tavistock Primary and Nursery School will be able to impact on what their reader feels, thinks, knows and understands through the use of the written word.

We teach the EYFS Framework and the National Curriculum, supported by a clear skills and knowledge progression. This ensures that skills and knowledge are built on year by year and sequenced appropriately to maximise learning for all children.

Children will experience writing in different genres and for different purposes.

We aim to develop children’s ability to produce well-structured, detailed writing in which the meaning is made clear and which engages the interest of the audience / reader. Teachers clearly model writing skills and document the learning journey through consistent working walls. Assessment is used to target specific needs of both groups and individuals. Children have opportunities to write at length, in extended, independent writing sessions at the end of a unit of work – applying their taught skills to an unsupported piece of writing.

Pupils are taught discrete punctuation, grammar and spelling skills, appropriate to their year group, within our text based approach to planning, allowing opportunities to identify, practice and consolidate grammatical understanding, whilst also being immersed in a text. Children then apply the grammar, punctuation and spelling skills that they have learnt in their extended pieces of writing.

  • Write for a purpose
  • See themselves as real writers
  • Take ownership of their writing
  • Acquire the ability to organise and plan their written work

The teaching of writing is an opportunity to be playful with language. Writers learn to make mistakes and to learn from these about the impact of the written word. A language-rich classroom is critical to learning as disparities between children’s vocabulary exposure are stark and vocabulary development at 2 years old is a key indicator of future success in reading and writing.


We are committed to ensuring inclusive practice so that all our children, regardless of their ability, see themselves as writers and are given opportunity and appropriate support to further develop their writing skills. See the document below for some of the ways in which we do this at Tavistock Primary and Nursery School.