PE & Sports Funding

PE & Sports Funding
For the academic year from September 2018-July 2019 the school received £19,340.  Details of how we intend to use this funding are within the document below.
This additional funding ensures that we can offer pupils the opportunity to try out and  participate at a competitive level in a wide range sports.  It also enables us to buy in a specialist level of coaching to support teachers with their PE teaching and to provide pupils with the highest level of skill development.  These specialist coaches work alongside teachers during PE lessons to ensure that they understand and can continue this level of teaching in the future.  We also buy selected pieces of PE and sports equipment which will provide different sporting opportunities now and in the future.
PE & Sports Funding
For the academic year from September 2017-July 2018 the school received £19,380.  Please see the file below for details of how we used this funding.
PE Sports Funding 2017/18 
Final allocation £19,380, this was spent as follows:
  • Supply cover for matches/events       £3,140.00
  • OCRA (Competition Organisers)        £2,004.00
  • Entry to Plymouth Tournaments        £  105.00
  • Specialist coaching Mark Wickett       £1,584.00
  • Swimming club coaches & badges      £3,071.48 
  • Squad Swimming                                      £   700.00
  • Huff & Puff Resources                            £1,069.62
  • Goals for KS2 Playground                      £6,930.00
  • Active Playtimes training for MTAs    £   250.00
  • Hired transport                                         £   560.00

                            TOTAL         £19,414.10