Class Organisation

Class Structure at Tavistock Primary and Nursery School

The number of pupils in our year groups fluctuates over time, based on the needs of our community. It is not uncommon for this situation to change from year to year, as the sizes of year groups can vary.

In 2023/24 we organised our reception and Y1 children, our Y4 and Y5 children into mixed-age classes and adapted our curriculum accordingly. All other year groups were taught in single-age classes.

Our Class Structure for 2023/2024:

  • Nursery
  • 3x Reception/Year 1 Classes
  • 2x Year 2 Classes
  • 2x Year 3 Classes
  • 3x Year 4/Year 5 Classes
  • 2x Year 6 Classes 

Every year, we review pupil numbers and the resulting budget allocation. This dictates the staffing structure. We model different scenarios for the year, and the following years, and discuss this with Governors. Following this process, we agree the most effective class structure to meet the needs of the children. There is never one simple answer, but a key factor is that we do not prioritise the needs of one year group above the needs of another.

Our class structure for 2024/2025:

  • Nursery
  • 1x Reception Class
  • 1x Reception/Year 1 Class
  • 2x Year 1/Year 2 Classes
  • 2x Year 3 Classes
  • 2x Year 4 Classes
  • 2x Year 5 Classes
  • 2x Year 6 Classes

Mixed-age Classes

There are further details regarding mixed-age classes in this helpful document which includes answers to some frequently asked questions. Please do come and speak to us if you have any further queries or concerns.