Phonics at Tavistock Primary School

At Tavistock Primary School, we strive to ensure that all our children become successful and confident readers and writers. Children are consistently immersed in a language rich environment which stimulates an appreciation and love of reading at all stages of their learning journey. We are committed to sharing high quality texts across the curriculum and encourage our children to discover their own interests and passions through our extensive selection of fiction and non-fiction texts.

In order support our children to become successful and confident readers and writers, we provide every child from Foundation to Key Stage 1 with daily, high quality phonics teaching. We have created our own, unique, systematic synthetic phonics programme tailored to the needs of our children at Tavistock Primary School. Every lesson has a clear and precise structure of revisit, teach, practise and apply, this allows for recapping of existing knowledge and time to embed new learning.  Using our Tavistock Phonics programme, children learn to segment and blend words and letters. With regular practice of these skills, children will be able to read and write with better fluency and confidence.

Children are exposed to high quality books covering a range of different genres and interests. Our phonically decodable texts are available to children to read at home and at school and are updated regularly. The decodable texts are closely matched to individual levels of ability which promotes success and confidence in children’s reading. The fundamental skills of reading and writing our children learn at Tavistock Primary School not only support the learning of all aspects of the wider curriculum but also have a huge impact on children’s self-esteem and future opportunities.