Physical Development
The children have been enjoying PE with Mr. Jones this half term. They have worked hard to develop their balancing, side-stepping, skipping and hopping skills, as well as improving their spatial awareness and ability to negotiate obstacles. Mr. Jones has just begun to introduce some throwing and catching games, which we will continue to work on next term.
Mark Making
In Nursery, the children enjoyed making marks on the large roll of paper in response to different types of music, including music by our 'Musicians of the Month', The Supremes. 
Valentine's Day Biscuit Making
The children really enjoyed creating some beautiful heart-shaped biscuits during our topic, 'People Who Love Us'. They used good fine motor control to roll out the dough and cut it into heart shapes, using the cookie cutters. Once baked, the children decorated their biscuits with pink icing and sprinkles. They were delicious!
Lunar New Year
In Nursery, we have been exploring the celebration of Lunar New Year. The children enjoyed learning the story of how each year came to be named after a different animal. They explored different traditions, including learning about the different foods that are eaten, the decorations that are put up and the clothing that is worn during the festivities. The children enjoyed dancing along with the Chinese Dragon Dance and created some of their own dragons, using paper tearing and folding techniques.