Reading at Tavistock Primary and Nursery School

We aim to engender a love of reading and to encourage our students to be life-long readers. We intend to do this through providing children with: a book and language rich environment, having well read and trained teachers and delivering a clear and progressive curriculum. Children should be read to every day as many times as possible. Expressive reading should be modelled and teachers should overtly show a love of all literature. Teachers should also set an example in their response to text, encouraging children to follow in their footsteps. All teachers should see themselves as readers and should actively communicate this to children. 

Our ‘Books for Life’ offer our children a progressive structure of high quality books that they need to hear and love if they are to become life-long readers. During their reading journey, they will discover fiction, non-fiction and poetry books; all carefully selected to offer them a wide range of experiences of high quality literature. Research shows that children need to be exposed to certain text structures, including resistant texts and archaic ones, if they are to be exposed to the difficulties they may face when reading books in the future .Our ‘Books for Life’ have been expressly chosen with this in mind.  

The ‘Books for Life’ combine with our AIR (Accountable Independent Reading) sessions, our browsing sessions and our use of guided and close reading activities, to ensure all our children have a deep and meaningful reading experience. 

The journey towards becoming a life-long reader needs the will to read and the skill of reading to be taught. The following two documents, combined with ‘Phonics Teaching at TCPNS’, bring together the progressive strategy we employ to ensure that all children have the will and the skill to read widely and develop an intrinsic love of reading. 

World Book Day 2024
The children enjoyed coming to school dressed as their favourite characters. Have a look at some of the photos of the day! 
Recommended Reading Lists
Please see below for suggested reading lists for each year group, from Nursery to Year 6. There is also a Year 6 'Challenging Reads' list. All of these titles have been suggested by Devon Education Services.