Art and Design

 Art & Design at Tavistock Primary and Nursery School


At Tavistock Primary School we want all children to develop a creative curiosity towards art through delivering an engaging, inspiring and high quality art education. We have created a curriculum that builds on a progression of skills and allows children to explore a range of mediums and artists to inspire their own works of art. Building on prior learning across key stages provides support for learners through drawing on previous knowledge and ensures their confidence is nurtured within this subject. It also means students can be challenged to reflect on their work and develop a creative eye which is evidenced within their sketchbooks.

Art is taught in alternating half terms and each year group focuses on different artists to promote engagement, inclusivity and curiosity. Throughout the curriculum, a range of skills are embedded which we believe are valuable in contributing towards key areas of children’s development as well as creating many cross-curricular links.  Children in Early Years are able to work more freely with materials to develop their own ideas through exploring a range of textures and tools and, as children move into Key Stage 1, they begin to develop their skills and understanding through embedding previous learning alongside exploring new techniques and artists. When children reach Key Stage 2 they will feel empowered to think both creatively and critically about their work in a curious and explorative manner.

The document below gives further detail about what is taught in each year group and also how we ensure inclusivity of all our children. 

Sunflower Art!
We recently took part in a charity project where we completed pieces of art based on sunflowers which were then used to decorate a hall during a fundraising event for the people of Ukraine. Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine. On the reverse of our artwork we wrote messages of hope. Our sunflower art and messages have now been transported to Ukraine and have been delivered to children as messages of hope.
Spring Garlands
Children across the school have been working hard to complete pieces of art for the spring garlands which will be displayed in local shops. This year we chose the theme 'Things with Wings' and feel that our bright, colorful pieces will brighten up the shops in Tavistock. 
Sketch Books
We use our sketch books to record our ideas, to explore and pracitse particular skills and to complete some of our pieces of artwork.