Design and Technology

Design and Technolgy at Tavistock Primary and Nursery School

Here at Tavistock Primary and Nursery School we want all children to have a broad and in-depth understanding and knowledge of the skills and content of the curriculum for Design and Technology. We strive to provide this by completing projects which ensure the essentials of good practice in D&T are taught in lessons which provide children with a genuine D&T experience, aiming to develop a fascination and curiosity in the subject. We have created a curriculum through which all children receive the best beginnings in a subject that has clear links and relationships with the world in which we live, experience, develop and grow.

Children are taught through projects that cover 5 core areas: mechanisms, textile, structures, food, and electrical systems which enable them to design, make and evaluate functional products with users and purpose in mind. The projects have a heavy emphasis on building on prior learning and draw on knowledge and skills developed in Mathematics, Science and Art. Opportunities for cross curricular links with other subjects, for example, links with healthy living in PSHE and Science, embed and deepen the understanding of the work covered in the D&T projects.  

Children in Early Years explore and use a variety of media, materials and tools to construct, build and express their own ideas through both child initiated and adult led activities. This early exploration of materials and their properties enables children in KS1 to embed and build on their understanding and knowledge as they broaden their learning and skills. In KS2 their prior learning enables children to become more reflective and critical of both the process of making and also of end products, facilitating opportunities to improve and develop, thus becoming resourceful and innovative citizens prepared to take risks. 


The document below gives further detail regarding the content taught within each year group.