Year 6

Learning about light in Science
As part of our Curriculum learning in Science, Year 6 have conducted a number of experiments in class and with the Science department at Tavistock College.
Our Circulatory System
In the Autumn term for Science, Year 6 were learning about the circulatory system. They carried out an experiment collecting recording data in a graph to show the effect exercise has on their resting heart rates.  To bring their learning to life even more so, the children went to Tavistock College to explore a pluck – the heart and lungs of a sheep. Everyone was extremely brave and enjoyed this valuable experience. 
A Trip to The Box
Year 6 visited The Box in Plymouth to explore the effect of WW2 on Plymouth. During this visit, the children looked at real people who had been in the war, explored a range of artefacts and solved the mystery of which artefact belonged to who.  They also explored the Plymouth in the Blitz exhibition and where shocked by just how much devastation was caused in their local area.